“I thrive on catching action & atmosphere as they converge in a narrative moment. It is the convergence between myself, the subject & the camera – how we got there & what happened once we met – that is exciting. It is an act of life happening…” 

I am available for assignment, domestic or abroad. 

Email: ashleyjordangordon@gmail.com


. . Hello to you !
My name is Ashley, and yes - my full name really does rhyme - I'm a photographer, traveler, & environmentalist. I am in love with my work, with relishing the present moment, & the full spectrum of coming adventures ahead. I'm enchanted by travel and the journeys it brings, near and far..
By the meaning & story
every moment,
bend of light, and person I encounter
has the chance to give, and I the privilege to communicate when I have my camera in hand.

I share my time between living in Los Angeles // & Traveling the Road:Globe.
I grew up in the creative-infused enclaves of Northern California, & Hawai'i.
From an early age I had a deep love for and grew up thriving off of nature, art, and - ohh yes! - being taught that age-old adage that 'only your imagination is the limit...'
But from a preternaturally young age I was also instinctively entranced with the seeing of the world around me.. and in turn interpreting & sharing both the empathic, & intellective value of my experiences.


I work in Portrait, Travel, Music, Editorial, Lifestyle & Environmental photography, as well as being educated and continually engaging in Documentary and Fine Art works.

My pieces have spanned exhibition & publication from the walls of the UK's illustrious National Portrait Gallery, to National Geographic, to working with brands like Free People. I have lived in the US, England, & Italy.
I graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz, with degrees in Environmental Studies & Documentary Photography.

I am a proud Fellow of
The Arctic Circle, & it's 2015 Summer Expedition - Living & working aboard a Barquentine Tall Ship, a select group of international artists & scientists explore, create & innovate in the Arctic Circle in Svalbard, sailing just 10 degrees latitude from the North Pole.
- My project research included a Visiting Readership at Oxford University

Select List of Works Published with:

National Portrait Gallery, UK
Sainte-Chapelle, Centre des
   Monuments Nationaux

National Geographic
AFAR Magazine
Marie Claire
The Creators Project
Majestic Disorder Magazine
Tiny Atlas Quarterly
AAA Journey Magazine
7x7 Magazine
Cool Hunting
Sacred Lifestyle Magazine
Pallet Magazine

Free People
Ralph Lauren
Giles & Brother
Sleek Makeup

London Evening Standard
SF Chronicle / SF Gate
SF Weekly
The 405
Spitafields Life

826 Valencia
St. Anthony's Foundation


My Tiny Atlas SOLAS
San Francisco, Ca

My Tiny Atlas Montauk,
Montauk, New York

'Let There Be', Illuminate The Arts & SFCamerawork, San Francisco, Ca

National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

The Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead, UK

The New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK

The Book Club, London, UK

SFCamerawork, San Francisco, Ca

Gina Esteva Gallery, Sayulita, Mexico

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